Chris McDonald

MSc in Human Physiology

MSc in Human Physiology from the University of Copenhagen and founder of the concepts "Health in Balanceand ”Strong Body Strong Mind.

Chris MacDonald is an inspiring communicator and his unique ability to communicate important messages without lecturing people has made him one of the most popular and acknowledged speakers in Denmark. With his humour and mindful presence, Chris MacDonald succeeds in inspiring people to live “the good life", in a way that everyone goes home with renewed inspiration and motivation to create physical and mental well-being in their lives. Through the years, Chris MacDonald has regularly written articles for various media, including some of Denmark’s largest newspapers Politiken and Berlingske Media. In collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and various production companies, Chris MacDonald has produced several popular Danish TV programmes and series such as "Chris og Chokoladefabrikken", "Chris på Skolebænken", "By på Skrump", "Chris på vægten" and most recently "U-TURN Sidste chance".